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Every day we receive emails from manufacturers from China, Pakistan, India etc wanting to supply items to us. Anyone can use google. Very few suppliers take the time to read our site and to see what our needs are. If you have bothered then you have a chance of supplying your products to us.

We have a network of suppliers we use. We are always willing to consider new suppliers of materials as we do not exclusively use just one firm as our ribbons and medals come from all over the world.

If you want us to consider you as a possible supplier of items to us this is the procedure to follow:

1. DO NOT EMAIL OR CALL US. Various suppliers (especially in Pakistan) will send through images of ribbons which they have not even made as an example of their workmanship. One case saw a supplier email through a copy of a woven label which was the same one we affix to medals - except he was not the maker. Another sent us an image of a mounted set of medals as an example of their workmanship - except we mounted those medals for a museum using antique ribbons - so in short, we do not look at images.


2. SEND US A SAMPLE of your product to NZ Medals Ltd. PO Box 128-134, Remuera, Auckland 1541, New Zealand. Please ensure you actually made the sample and can therefore supply the same quality.

3. PROVIDE A FIXED PRICE. We don't have any interest in negotiating. We expect a fair price and will pay a fair price. We will place a bulk order if we like your items and the quality. We pay via bank transfer, Western Union or Paypal.

4. If you do undertake the supply of goods for us any samples we send you remain our property. One maker used or sample list when touting for business with other suppliers. Don't. This is a small market and we will learn of it. Seven Pillars Industries in Sialkot, Pakistan even uses images of our ribbons in our office and in our cabinets in touting for business. They did not make this ribbon. They have never attended our premises and took these images from our website. A request to desist was met with a demand for money.

5. WE PAY UPON RECEIPT OF SATISFACTORY GOODS. We will not pay in advance. This is because we have previously paid large amounts to suppliers in Pakistan based on samples received however when we received the actual ribbons and brooches ordered they were not of an acceptable standard and we could not use them. If we use a substandard brooch a clients medals can easily fall off and become damaged. We pride ourselves on the quality of our materials and a lot of what is being offered to and used by other medal mounters is not acceptable to us.

6. WE OWN THE DIES . If we are paying a set up charge then we own the dies - which you will also sent to us. If you pay the die charge then you retain the die however it is agreed and accepted that they are not used for the orders of any other clients.

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