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As well as offering bespoke medal mounting we carry a range of quality products to complement your medals or those of your family members. .

Medal Cases

Why not take care of your medals in a purpose made case.



These are blue leather cases which are gold blocked and edged silk and felt interior. They are intended to hold a mounted set of large medals of any size. An ideal way to display and store medals when not being worn


The cases are $140.00 each and courier is $8 per case


These cases are ordered in as needed and will take approximately 1 month for manufacture. They are hand made in blue leather in England by a firm who holds the Royal Warrant from the Queen and who makes all British Medals other than the VC. Due to the significant cost of freight from England we order these when we are ordering in other items from the supplier. If you need one urgently please allow at least 25 pounds extra shipping cost from the UK.



These are synthetic leather covered metal cases with a fitted nylon and felt interior. The cases are made in New Zealand. They are intended to hold a mounted set of medals mounted according to regulations. They will hold a set of 5 medals mounted side by side or a larger set overlapped. They are ideal for miniature or large medals.


The cases are $60.00 each and courier is $8 per case. 


Many clients complain that the plush case issued with the NZ Defence Service Medal sometimes rusts and the leatherette delaminates. Sometimes we have spares that we can supply however our friends at Worcester Medals in England have made a fitted case to hold a single medal and its miniature which are perfect replacements. They hold the NZDSM and its miniature with no remounting needed. We have imported a number and are selling them at $35 ea plus $8 courier nationwide.


Pocket Holders

Pocket holders take the brooch of your mounted group of medals (either swing style or court style) and then the holder sits in your pocket. This prevents you having to stitch loops to your jacket (which is what the NZDF now do and what some medal mounter will suggest you do - which can be ideal if you have one jacket you wear your medals on) and also prevents holes being made in your clothing by the medal brooches.

We do suggest if you have 5 or more medals that you use a safety pin inside your pocket to hold the holder in place as otherwise if you lean forward (ie: when placing a wreath) the holder could slip from your pocket.

$10 each. Plus $2 post

Medal Loops

There has been a recent continuation of the old trend of stitching loops to your jacket to take the medal brooch. This has pros and cons but does minimise damage to your jacket.

You can see the loops in Willie Apiata's jacket below. This is something you can do yourself or have a tailor do however please bear in mind your mounted group of medals will be heavy and the loop needs to be strong enough to take its weight and movement.

We recommend clients use safety pins inside their jackets instead of cotton loops.

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