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Neck Ties and Blazer Badges

In 2019 the long established Auckland business English Tie and Medal Company closed. They had a good range of military / regimental ties and military blazer badges. We acquired a portion of their stock.


The New Zealand Operational Service Medal Tie

The NZOSM is the award given to all NZDF, Police, Customs and other agencies as well as various civilians who served overseas from 1945. What better way to proudly show your entitlement than wearing a neck tie comprising of the ribbon colours


The NZ Air Force Tie

This neck tie incorporates the Air Force eagle and the NZ Silver Fern.

$20 ea plus shipping

The NZ Navy Tie

This neck tie incorporates the Naval Crown and the NZ Silver Fern


Blazer Badges are hand made with bullion wire and are ideal for wearing on a blazer pocket or framing with medals.


At this stage most are now sold and will not be reordered

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