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Family Research Service

Many families hold medals of a relative and they have little or no idea as to what the medals represent or what the family member did to earn these medals. For a relatively limited amount we can research the medals and the recipient and provide you with a brief professional account of their service.

This service is free when using our medal framing service. Framing, exclusive of mounting is available from $100 (please refer to our Framing section).

Prices start at $25 per half hour, after which we would have given you an overview of their service and further areas which could be researched. However, we do suggest that as a first point of research that you check the excellent Auckland Museum cenotaph database

An example of this service is a recent client of mine who called from Huntly to advise that the National Army Museum in Waiouru had recommended me to her as the person to restore some medals she had found in a barn on their rural property. The three WW1 medals were in a very distressed state and she said that they belonged to a great grandfather of the family. She asked that the medals be restored and also framed so that they can be eventually passed to her toddler children.

I cleaned and re-ribboned the medals. I also researched them in preparation for framing and was able to locate a photograph of the medal recipient - the family never having had one - let alone one in uniform. I also uncovered the fact that he had been wounded at Gallipoli before joining the Imperial Camel Corps and that for a while he had been Company Sergeant Major of the 15th (NZ Coy) of the Camel Corps and that he had later been commissioned as an officer.

The newly restored medals have now been framed with a brass plaque detailing the service history of the recipient and also a photograph of him in uniform and, for $135 the family now have an heirloom which more fittingly reflects the service of their relative.

In many cases I am able to obtain an image of the war grave of a deceased soldier from any war for under $20.00

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