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As always, if we have previously mounted your medals and they suffer ANY damage on ANZAC Day no matter what the cause please return them to us and we will repair them for free.

Industry Terminology Used:

  • Mounting - the process of preparing a medal for wearing by attaching a ribbon and pin to it
  • Swing - the medal hangs from a pin
  • Court - the medal is wired to a rigid backing with a pin affixed
  • Frame - the medal is in a wall hung frame
  • Case - a box for the medals
  • Ribbon - the fabric the medal hangs from
  • Medal - circular or star shaped award usually to denote specific service 
  • Badge - an item worn without a ribbon ie: on a cap, and generally not an award.
  • Miniature - a 1/2 sized medal intended to be worn after 6pm 
  • Replica - a full sized copy of the actual medal.

We now stock Town Talk silver and gold cleaning cloths as for the past few years most supermarkets no longer stock impregnated silver cleaning cloths.  We sell them at $6 for a wallet size and $12 for a larger size. They are ideal for medal maintenance. Simply rub the medal with the cloth, no cleaning solution or liquid is needed.

Whilst in England we met with various of our suppliers of ribbons, miniatures and replica medals. We have also watched some of our ribbons being woven at Toye Kenning Spencer, a firm of ribbon makers we use who have been in operation since 1685. Go to our facebook page to see a video of how it is woven. Some of the machines used are over 100 years old.

Our email address has been changed to following the closure by vodafone of the email facility.

Proud Sponsor of the Onehunga RSA

New Zealand Medals Ltd is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations in delivering a quality medal mounting service. As our name implies we handle New Zealand military medals, although we also stock ribbons for all UK / British and commonwealth medals as well as the ribbon for a large number of nations - especially Tonga, France and America. We can mount any officially awarded medals from almost any nation. What we don't have available to hand we can source.

Please note. We manufacture nothing. Everything we use is manufactured overseas by professional full time businesses specialising in that item. Replica and miniature medals come from the United Kingdom and Australia. Ribbon is manufactured in the United Kingdom and occassionally Pakistan. Mounting brooches are manufactured in Australia and the United Kingdom.  For a court mount we typically use 24cm of ribbon per medal.

There are various places offering cheap ribbon or cheap replica medals however we do not use them. We only use the very best quality available and we regularly meet with our suppliers, two of which hold Royal Warrants.

We do not sell items to DIY medal mounters as they are imported at some substantial expense to us.

Replica Order of NZ Merit
We stock the full sized ONZM and MNZM Replica medals. These are ideal for wear to avoid damage to your original award. They are also a good way to give family members a medal or suitable for framing with the certificate. 

Just $50 ea mounted for wearing.

World War One Silver War Badge
GIven to soldiers who were no longer able to serve due to wounds etc suffered in service. These badges were worn to prevent them from receiving the white feather - a sign of cowardice. They are popular to wear with WW1 medals to denote the recipient was wounded or for framing.

$25 ea

These are in stock now. We suggest that if you need one get a few as we cannot be certain of further stock and we have priced these very sharply at $25 ea in both sizes.





This is a massive BRAND NEW sealed volume of British Battles and Medals published 2006 (7th edition). It details every British Campaign Medal from the earliest days right through to modern conflicts. 798 pages , hard cover and also colour plates of ribbons. I remember when I first started collecting medals 30+ years ago. The 1970s reprint of this book was very hard to get -this volume is a massive improvement with assorted medal rolls, 100 pages of appendices, images of the medals and even details of naming styles. 
$95 inc delivery costs NZ wide. Was $155


  • It is important to note that we do know what we are doing. Aubrey Bairstow has an acute knowledge of British and Commonwealth medals from 1792 to present. He is a consultant to museums and media and is acknowledged as an expert in his field. He is a retired fraud investigator and a former collector of medals with a detailed knowledge of how to research people and their service.
  • We pride ourself on our prompt completion time and quality of workmanship.
We service ALL OF NEW ZEALAND. A next day NZ wide courier from NZ Post is a little over $8 (sent safely from your Post Office to our PO Box) so even if you live at the other end of the country there is no reason why you cannot use our service.