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Medals for Collectors II
A Great War ‘Salonika’ O.B.E. group of five awarded to Major C. H. A. Hirtzel, Royal Air Force, late Royal Flying Corps and East African Pioneer Corps

The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, O.B.E. (Military) Officer’s 1st type breast badge, silver-gilt, hallmarks for London 1919; 1914-15 Star (23 Pnr. C. H. A. Hirtzel. E. A. Pnrs.); British War and Victory Medal, with small M.I.D. oak leaves (Major C. H. A. Hirtzel. R.A.F.); Defence Medal, mounted as worn, the O.B.E. on 2nd type riband

O.B.E. London Gazette 3 June 1919.

Clement Henry Armitage Hirtzel was born in Exmouth, Devon, on 10 April 1879. Emigrating to Africa, he was employed first as a Electric Tramway Engineer at Johannesburg in 1902, before becoming Engineering Manager, Delagon Bay, in 1903, and Boiler Factory Inspector (Electrical and Mechanical Engineer) for H.M. Government in British East Africa in 1908. On the outbreak of the Great War he attested for the East African Pioneer Corps as a Private Soldier.

Being an Associate Member of the Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers; speaking German, French, and Swahili; an expert in the repair of cars and aeroplane engines; and also familiar with hydro-electric work, he was transferred to the Royal Flying Corps as a Second Lieutenant, and appointed an Assistant Equipment Officer on 15 November 1915. He was promoted Lieutenant on 8 February 1916, and temporary Captain whilst employed as an Equipment Officer on 27 May 1916, He controlled the development of the Aircraft Park at Adastraal House from July 1916 to February 1917, and was promoted Park Commander, with the rank of temporary Major, on 1 February 1917. He subsequently served as Park Commander, Transport Repair Park at Farnborough from 7 March 1917, before being seconded to the Ministry of Munitions to organise repair of aircraft within civilian firms.

On 14 September 1918 Hirtzel took command of the Salonika Aircraft Park (No. 16 Wing), was Mentioned in Lieutenant-General Sir G. F. Milne’s Despatch ‘for distinguished and gallant service during the period 1 October 1918 to 1 March 1919, with the British Salonika Force’ (London Gazette 5 June 1919; and was created an Officer of the Order of the British Empire. He transferred to the Unemployed List on 1 July 1919, and was appointed to the Disposals Board, Salonika Aircraft Park. 

His WW2 service is unrearched however he is believed to have returned to Nairobi for a period after WW1 and was prominent in the operation of Nairobi Motor Garage which he founded in 1912 and which later became Cooper Motors. He was also a well known Engineer and He died in Dorset in 1971 aged 91. A later image of him shows Hitzell wearing a Staff Officers Cap so it is presumed he had UK based service in WW2 (hence the single Defence Medal and the use of the post 1936 ribbon on his OBE)

Sold together with a group photographic image featuring the recipient.

Provenance : DNW 2017 . Purchased and imported by a private collector from whom we purchased it.


Hirtzell centre with moustache 


The QSA has no clasps and is impressed 44 Private T. Grimes, Queensland MR.

Grimes, from Ireland, departed for South Africa on the 18th May 1900 and was invalided home on the 10th December 1900. part of his file and a copied image are available online.


Provenance: Private collection, Tauranga.


Defence and War Medals un-named as issued. GSM 1918-62 GVIR type with MALAYA clasp impressed W/127824 CPL S E ALLEWAY WRAC. Purchased in NZ so perhaps settled here after the Malaya campaign or married a NZer she met there as was often the case.

Stella E Alleway was born in 1922 in Falmouth.

Provenance. Antique dealer Hamilton 2018



A desirable British Empire Medal GVIR civil type on womens bow ribbon named to Miss Jessie M Owens of the WVS. Together with Downing St issue letter.

Undoubtedly Miss Owens has WW2 service in the Womens Voluntary Service (for which she will be entitled to an un-named Defence Medal and War Medal). Her BEM was awarded the the Kings Birthday Honours list for 1950 for services to the WVS but will likely be an award in recognition of WW2 service.

Correctly named and an interesting medal with good research potential. This will frame brilliantly with the letter. 

Provenance: Nobles, Sydney 2018


An Australian SAS medal set for Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam

A nice Australian medal group to a man with SAS service.

GSM Malaya (un-named)
GSM 1962 214277 C McKAY
Vietnam Medal 214277 C McKAY
Vietnam Star 214277 C McKAY
2nd and 3rd medals impressed. Last medal correctly engraved for Australian issues. Un-named GSM added for completeness of display.

With research by Lt Col Neil Smith.

Born in the UK in 1936 he joined the Australian Army in 1953. He served in Malaya 8 Oct 1955 - 19 Oct 1957. I believe he was one of 27 Australians wounded in Malaya (a stomach wound I was told). This is not noted on the research with the medals.

Parachute trained 1958. Discharged 1959 but re-enlisted 1961. To Special Air Service 1962. Military Engineer School 1964. Borneo 1965. Singapore 1965.

Vietnam 1967. Discharged 1967. Re-enlisted 1968. To Saigon 1969-1971 (Saigon, Nui Dat, Vung Tau, Tan Son Nhut). Numerous incidents of bad conduct and drunken-ness in Vietnam including sleeping whilst on sentry duty. Incidents of AWOL and eventual discharge 1972.

Most of his overseas service was with Engineers (or more likely as an Engineer) and Construction Coy. With copy 1971 image. He seems to have been an able SAS Trooper who went off the rails and its not clear how much service he had with the SAS in Vietnam. Id suggest its likely he would have been on patrol with them.

His highest rank was Lance Cpl.

Provenance is ex private collector in Queensland 2007

Tibet Medal

Named to a Cooly in the Supply and Transport Corps


Extremely rare and they catalogue quite high (200-300 pounds ea) These are the Edward 7th and George 5th variations both named to F CORBETT. We have not been able to research him. 

Ex Dr J M Ross Colection

$600 the pair

A Meritorious Service Medal group to the Army Service Corps

1914-15 Star; British War Medal 1914-18; Victory Medal 1914-19; Army Meritorious Service Medal (GVR type 1 with swivelling suspender). SS-18222 Pte J.Richmond. A.S.C. on first medal, SS-18222 S.Sjt. J.Richmond. A.S.C. on second and third medals, S4-197621 Sjt: J.Richmond. R.A.S.C. on last medal.

MSM: Supplement to LG 17/1/1919, p1007, in recognition of valuable services rendered with the Armies in France and Flanders.

With copy of gazette pages


Merchant Navy Medals with possible Q Ship service and of Australian interest.

A 1914-15 trio with Mercantile Marine War Medal. The trio is named LIEUT W D CROUDACE RNR (SUB LT on Star). The Mercantile Marine Medal is named WILLIAM D CROUDACE.

William Deuchars Croudace was commissioned as Sub Lieutenant (Temporary) and Acting Lieutenant, Royal Naval Reserve on 26 August 1915. He was assigned Navigator on HMS Silene 19 March 1918 and was demobilised by July 1919.

HMS Silene was a convoy sloop of the Anchusa Class - designed to look like a merchant ship in order to entice U Boat attacks.

He settled in Australia and was well known as a Captain in Freemantle.

Sold with a period set of miniature medals, the paper bag of issue for the Mercantile Marine Medal and the 1914-18 War Medal, a Merchant Navy Lapel Pin, a Merchant Navy cap badge and a Merchant Navy blazer badge

Provenance C J Medals , Australia abut 10 years ago, purchased for my private collection.


WW1 pair to Gunner Royal Artillery and EIIR Imperial Service Medal

WW1 pair impressed 676270 GNR S G...... RA . ISM SYDNEY G.................. (+Box & Certificate)  Certificate is dated March 1955. A nice set.

Provenance: NZ Collector Services, Christchurch.

The New Zealand Cross.

An early unofficial specimen of this rare NZ Wars award.

With originals selling for over $250,000 and a foolish investment given the impact of the Protected Objects Act making export impossible, this is a museum quality early specimen from around 1880-1900.