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Genuine Medals

Many times families and recipients prefer a genuine medal rather than a replica - particularly in the case of WW2 medals which were issued unnamed and where perhaps the original medals are misplaced or dispersed among other family members.

We do stock a number of genuine medals for use by families or entitled recipients. We will only sell these to people where we are mounting the medal sets for them.We are not in the business of supplying scarce medals for other people to mount as in many cases we cannot replace the medals and our profit is generally made in the mounting of them. In many cases families and recipients would like the medals named. We can no longer arrange this however the firm if you wish to engage them is Trophy Centre, in Karaka Street, Newton, Auckland.

Some of the medals we stock include:

Orders and Decorations

Order of the British Empire  (OBE)                                                                  $375
Order of the British Empire (MBE)                                                                   $375

Distinguished Service Cross (DSC GVIR WW2 issue) a solid silver replacement $sold

Campaign Medals

Queens South Africa Medal  - un-named                                                         sold
                                              - name erased                                                    $200

1914 Star                              - un-named                                                          $250
1914-15 Star                         -un-named                                                           $250
                                              - name erased                                                     $125
                                              - newly struck from the original die                      $80

1914-18 War Medal               - unnamed                                                           $250
                                              - name erased                                                      $120

Victory Medal                        - un-named                                                           $500
                                             - name erased                                                       $100

Mercantile Marine Medal 1914-18                                                                      $150

1939-45 Star                                                                                                        $50

Air Crew Europe Star                                                                                            $550

Atlantic Star                                                                                                          $100

Arctic Star
(these are UK MOD supplier made but  are a better colour match to other WW2 stars)                                                                                                                     $65

Africa Star                                                                                                             $50

Pacific Star                                                                                                            $100

Burma Star                                                                                                            $75

Italy Star                                                                                                                 $50

France and Germany Star                                                                                     $65

Defence Medal                                                                                                       $50

1939-45 War Medal                                                                                                 $50

New Zealand War Service Medal                                                                            $125

WW2 clasps including 8th Army for the Africa Star. Genuine from                         $65

India War Service Medal 1939-45                                                                           $75

Canada War Service Medal 1939-45                                                                      $100

NZ Operational Service Medal                                                                                $350

General Service Medal Army/ Air Force 1918-62 with various clasps                     enquire

Naval General Service Medal 1915-62                                                                     enquire

Korea Medal (un-named)                                                                                         $350

UN Korea Medal          original issue un-named                                                       $150

General Service Medal 1962 -                                                                                 enquire

Vietnam Medal                                                                                                         sold

Vietnam Star                                                                                                             $150

NZ General Service Medal warlike 1992                                                                  enquire

NZ General Service Medal non warlike 1992                                                           enquire

East Timor Medal  - un-named                                                                                 $400

NZ General Service Medal 2002  various ribbons                                                    $450

Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal                                                                                      $250

Long Service and Good Conduct Medals

Meritorious Service Medal EIIR                                                                               $250

Army LSGC Medal EIIR  various issues and types                                       from   $250

Navy LSGC Medal EIIR                                                                                           $250

Air Force LSGC Medal EIIR                                                                                     $300

Efficiency Decoration GVIR or EIIR issue with NZ top bar                             from  $350

Efficiency Medal New Zealand EIIR                                                                         $350

Air Efficiency Award EIIR                                                                                         $350

Long and Efficient Service Medal (obsolete)                                                           $250

NZ Police LSGC Medal  EIIR                                                                                   sold

Cadet Forces Medal EIIR un-named                                                                       sold

12 Year Territorial Medal  (obsolete)                                                                        $sold