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We have a large number of medal groups purchased for investment or for sale on behalf. Whilst we are happy to retain these as appreciating investments we do make these available by negotiation to serious and interested buyers. Most will suit institutions and serious investors.


An Important and probably unique Distinguished Conduct Medal and Meritorious Service Medal set.

Awarded to WOII C Fearne RGA who served as an Able Seaman on HMS Bonventure during the China 1900 war.DCM and MSM both named 82242 SJT C Fearne RGA

DCM LG 11 Mar 1920.  38th Seige Bth (Selly Oak)
He has throughout the operations of 1918 shown marked gallantry and devotion to duty as No1 of his sub-section, and has, by his unfailing cheerfulness and energy, encouraged the battery under all conditions. On the night of the 14th of September 1918, in the Lys salient, under heavy and continuous fire of gas and high explosive, he completed the work of getting out the guns before daylight".

The Important and unique Distinguished Service Medal for Gallipoli to HMS Majestic

Awarded for the behind enemy lines suicide mission  prior to the landings at Gallipoli .On the 17th April 1915 Lieut. Cdr. Brodie attempted to take the E15 through the Dardanelles but strong currents forced her aground close to Fort Dardanos. The Turkish guns opened fire killing Brodie and six of his men and the rest of the crew were captured by the Turks. The British did not want this new submarine to fall into the hands of the enemy and made determined efforts to destroy it with other submarines, destroyers and battleships but they were unsuccessful. Admiral de Robeck ordered a last desperate mission. Two steam powered picket boats from HMS Triumph and HMS Majestic were fitted with torpedoes so that they could steal in under cover of darkness and destroy the E15. It would be an extremely hazardous operation and First Lieut Eric Robinson VC was chosen by the Admiral to lead the attack. The two boats were spotted and came under heavy fire. Majestic's boat fired a torpedo which hit the E15 but was then hit and began to sink. Robinson took his boat alongside and rescued all the crew despite being under heavy fire. Every member of the picket boats' crews except one was decorated. Lieutenant Godwin received the Distinguished Service Order. Two others received the Distinguished Service Cross and the rest the Distinguished Service Medal. The exception was Robinson himself. Some felt that he should have received a second VC for his actions but he had to be satisfied with promotion to the rank of Commander

DSM is namedSS1501 R COCKS AB HMS Majestic    (AB RN on Star and pair named Leading Seaman RN) . Please note that the DSM was lost during the war and this was officially replaced and issued to Cocks in about 1922 with his WW1 medals - lacking the normal date of action on it. He later joined the Royal Canadian Navy during WW2. Medals lacquered / coated per Canadian practice.

An interesting set of medals and insignia to Major Percy Wright, Commanding Officer 27th NZ Machine Gun Batn and according to his family - a Prisoner At Colditz.

Sold with copied documents and assorted badges. Whilst we have not been able to verify the Colditz account it is known that he was taken by German Submarine from North Africa to Italy as a high value prisoner - so it is very likely he was imprisoned at Colditz.