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Collecting medals is a popular pastime. We have a wide range of medals available so please send us details of any you are looking for. We have medals from the former collection of Aubrey Bairstow (which is a 30 year collection), the collection of the late Dr John Ross (which is a 70 year collection), as well as medals we have purchased as second hand dealers. All medals we sell will come with provenance and are genuine and as described.

We have a policy of generally NOT stating the name of the recipient when giving details of the medals in question. This is because we have noticed an annoying and dishonest trend over the years of descendants searching their ancestors name, finding the medals for sale, then insisting that the medals were "clearly" stolen 50 - 100  years earlier as "granddad would not have sold them". This policy of not naming recipients is becoming more common practice throughout the industry now.

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A scarce Distinguished Conduct Medal awarded to a man for bravery in Palestine during WW1. He later died in service in the 1920s.

DCM and WW1 pair, all officially and correctly impressed and mounted as worn. The recipients file is online and confirms 1914 enlistment in England service as a Trumpeter. he emabarked in 1916 and served as a Signaller in the RFA in the Middle East, where he was awarded his DCM. After the war he remained in the Territorial Force and died in the late 1920s. This is his full entitlement.


A WW1 NZ Medal pair with his diary from active service.
The pair impressed 39337  RFLM J M S.............NZEF. The diary has a number of nicely detailed pages but only from March 1917. The recipient was wounded.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WW1 Memorial Plaque to an Australian killed at Lone Pine, Gallipoli.
Whilst there are a number of men killed by the name of JAMES DUFFY we would like to think that this is the plaque of 662 Trooper James Duffy of the 8th Australian Light Horse killed 7 August 1915.   $400

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ATerritorial Force War Medal to the Royal Engineers.
The rarest of all the WW1 service medals with only 34,000 awarded this TFWM is correctly named to a Cpl in the RE.

$400.00 (catalogues at 200-300 pounds)

A Merchant Navy WW1 pair to a casualty

Both medals named Thomas Russell . Thomas Russell was a Greaser on "Justicia" killed 19 July 1918. Merhant Navy Medals just have the name and no other details however he is the only casualty without middle names.

On 19th July 1918 Justicia, defensively armed, 32,234 grt, built 1917, was torpedoed and damaged by German submarine UB 64, 20 miles WxN¾N from Skerryvore and taken under tow. Her voyage had been from Liverpool to New York in ballast.

On 20th July 1918 Justicia was again torpedoed, by UB 124, whilst under tow, 11 miles NNW from Inistrahull, and sunk. 10 crewmen lost their lives.

The Justicia was owned by Oceanic Steam Navigation Co Ltd of London but was acting under the orders of The Shipping Controller

An Australian WW1 trio with MID oakleaf to Div Sigs.

Trio named 3611 C Q M Sgt  T W JOHNSON 2 DS Coy AIF. Served from 1915 to 1918, when he died. He was based largely in the UK and had married and English woman. He died of Bronchial Pneumonia in November 1918. His MID was wirrten up by his officer before he died but it seems to have not ben awarded to him although it does appear on his file. Forthis reason we have added the MID oakleaf to the Victory Medal. His wartime role was largely relaying information from HQ to the front and vice versa.  Priced at trio value, the MID is a bonus.


A rare and historic WW1 Memorial Plaque named to a member of a noted Maori family.

Plaque named ALEXANDER ORMOND. Unique name on CWGC. Has been cleaned and has small hanging hole drilled. We previously also handled his brothers WW1 and WW2 medals. His brother was a Maori Pioneer Batn officer who later became a noted member of parliament.

Son of George Canning Ormond and Maraea Ormond, of Mahia, Hawke's Bay. Killed in action as a 2nd Lt with the Manchester Regt 30 September 1916. An important early Maori Rugby figure - as was his brother.

Second Lieutenant Alexander Ormond, Manchester Regiment, came from New Zealand in order to obtain a commission in the British Army. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Canning Ormond, of The Mahia, Hawkes Bay, and had begun his career as a manager on the property of his grandfather, the Hon. J. D. Ormond, member of the Legislative Council. He was educated at Wanganui School, under Dr. Empson, and distinguished himself both in studies and games. He began his military training there, continuing it at Lincoln College. He joined the Inns of Court O.T.C. and obtained a commission in the Manchester Regiment. He was sent to the front last August and fell on September 30, eight days after completing his 24th year. (The Times, 23 October 1916, p. 11)

"Was at school for the unusually long period of seven years. After leaving Lincoln College he undertook the management of one of his father's estates at Helensville. Unable to gratify his wishes in New Zealand, he left for England in May, 1915, when he receiced [sic] a commission in the 11th Battalion Manchester Regiment. He was sent over to France in August, 1916, where he saw barely two months' fighting, being killed at Pozieres in October. He and twelve men were placed at a very important point that had been repeatedly attacked, and only five came through. His C.O. spoke of him as a man of character and determination, who should have received the M.C. for his bravery. He was hit by a shell in Staff Redoubt, just north of Mouquet Farm." (In Memoriam, 1914-1918 [Wanganui Collegiate School])

"The following letter has been received from the Adjutant of the 11th Manchester Regiment, with reference to the death of Lieut. Alexander Ormond, an Old Boy of the Wanganui Collegiate School:—'The Commanding Officer has asked me to answer your letter, as Lieut. Ormond was under my command when he was killed. The details are as follows:—I was sent with a company to take over part of the line in one of the redoubts (— Redoubt) on September 29th last. On the left of the line we had a bombing post, which we were told to hold at all costs. I put Lieut. Ormond in charge of this post till he was killed by a shell on the evening of September 30th. Two bombing attacks were made on the post during the time Lieut. Ormond was in charge, neither of which was successful, and we held the post until we were relieved on the night of the 30th. I had not known Lieut. Ormond long; in fact, I only met him two days before, when I was sent to take over command of the company, but I never wish to go into action with a braver man or a better officer. He was perfectly cheerful under the heaviest fire, and I can't speak too highly of the way he commanded that bombing section. Although he had been such a short time with the battalion everyone liked him–officers and men–and he will be very much missed in this battalion.'" (Chronicles of the N.Z.E.F., 15 November 1916, page 129)

Note: Obituary in the 'Times' records Ormond's age as 24 years.


A good early Palmerston North related Volunteer set

Volunteer Force LSGC Victoria issue named No207 COL-SERG WM PARKES PALMERSTON NTH RIFLE VOLS (1905) , NZ Long and Efficient Service Medal similarly named but dated 1901 and shooting medal named SERGT PARKES and with PNRV engraved to obverse. Mounted for display. A nice researchable set.



A rare Colonial Auxilary Forces LSGC Medal to a Wellington Officer

One of the rarer NZ LSGC Medals. This is the GVR issue and is correctly impressed:

Totally unresearched and fresh to the market. 368 awarded.


WW1 and WW2 medal set to Staff Sergt James Paton - served Featherston POW Camp in WW2

Paton served in WW1 with the NZ Rifle Brigade and the Pay Corps. His WW1 medals are named 24/1459 S/SJT J S PATON NZEF. During WW2 he held various NCO ranks, eventually becoming a Staff Sgt again with the Temporary Staff. His home service included being at the POW Camp at Featherston where we housed Japanese prisoners. His Territorial Service Medal is named J S PATON LATE NZEF. An interesting set with some service papers.


A rare and historic 28 Bn Military Medal set for bravery.

The MM is as on its original investiture ribbon and pin. Complete with his 1939-45 Star, Africa Star with 8th Army clasp, Defence, War and NZ Medals. MM named and dated 1943. The MM was awarded for the same action during which Ngarimu won the only VC to the 28th Btn.

Full details will be provided to genuine buyers
WW1 NZ trio and Meritorious Service Medal to NZ Medical Corps.

Trio named as a 10/551 S/Sgt A.L.......................NZEF  MSM named as Sjt Clerical Section, NZMC. Rare MSM to NZEF as only a little over 300 awarded - whereas over 400 DCM and 2300 MM awarded. He served with the Wellington Infantry at Gallipoli and in Egypt, thereafter with NZ Medical Corps.


WW1 set to a NZ Machine Gunner

trio correctly named 8/1932 CPL N.C.B...  NZEF
From Auckland but was posted to Otago Infantry. Served with them until 30/3/16 when posted to NZ Machine Gun Corps. Thereafter with various regiments , presumably as a machine gunner. Spotting to star will clean. $700
A rare Territorial Force War Medal WW1 set to the Devon Regiment.

All medals are correctly impressed 1967 PTE H W .......  DEVON R

The mounting has decayed but I will supply new ribbons with the medals.

His medal index card confirms this set is his full entitlement and that he was awarded the Silver War Badge - which would mean he was wounded and discharged.

A local purchase so I believe he settled here after the war. I am told he was only 16 or 17 when he went overseas although cannot find his service file so cannot verify that.

A well documented long serving fireman's medal set

UFBA 5 Year Medal with 7 clasps (one not attached) , named to Fireman L F West Paihiatua Fire Brigade 1973 plus his UFBA life members medal dated 1988. Complete with Fire Service ID card, official history of Paihiatua FB (in which he is mentioned ) and a nice group photo of the Brigade showing him with his medal. Also included is the framed original UFBA medal certificate.


A rare Australian Bravery Commendation

In the UK or New Zealand we would give a medal for bravery of this magnitude. The Australian honours system gives these bravery commendation awards instead. This was awarded to Robin Brett McFarlane for Bravery when faced with armed robbers at his workplace David Jones in Sydney in 1990, where he was shot during the incident.

Included is the Award in Presentation Box, Citation signed by The Governor General of Australia, Bill Hayden and a letter from the NSW Police Commissioner. The certificate has been laminated and it seems at some stage the emblems were pinned to it. We have framed this and have added replica awards into the frame to cover any obvious holes. The other insignia is in its (slightly damaged) box. A rare lot. Complete with a copied letter detailing the heroism of the recipient - which in the UK would have warranted a George Cross or George Medal.



An early NZ Police Long Service Medal

NZ Police obsolete type LSGC Medal. Named correctly 1391 CONST T.M.CONDON NZ POLICE 1921.

Roll confirms Thomas Martin Condon was awarded the medal in 1922 and clasps in 1929 and 1937. I have a spare genuine 21 year clasp of the right type which I will include.

Born 1884. Died 1942. Was a fisheries officer for a time in Northland.


A Victorian pair to Colonel Francis Boyd Garfit of the Hampshire Regt.

Garfit was born 16 Sep 1849 in Boston, Lincolnshire. He took commission 16 September 1868 and served with his Regt in Afghanistan and Burma. The respective campaign medals are his full entitlement. He was discharged to retired list as a Lt Col 6 June 1894 and was still alive in 1911 with that rank.

The Afghanistan Medal has no clasp (as confirmed on the roll) and is correctly named in the sloping style of this medal as :

The India GSM 1854-95 has clasp BURMA 1887-89 and is named MAJOR F B GARFIT 1ST BN HAMPS R

The medals surfaced locally with another IGS Burma to Pte the 2nd Btn Hampshire Regt and a QSA to the Prince of Wales Light Horse. I gather the IGS was to his batman and the QSA is his son in law. I will list them later on. I presume the family settled in New Zealand. Purchased from a friend who got them from a family. These have been sitting in my personal collection ever since.

Naming is correct and all medals are genuine first issues.

All medals fitted with genuine mint ribbons



NZ Gallipoli trio and Gallipoli Medallion. Died 1915

Trio correctly impressed 6/2018 PTE C Y......G NZEF. Medallion correctly named C Y.....g and with named issue certificate and case.

Charlie Y.....g was born in 1887. He joined the Canterbury Infantry and embarked with the 4th Rfts. He suffered a contusion to his back at Gallipoli on 8 August 1915 caused by a shell exploding beside him in a trench. The medical report states that he was concussed and his back was damaged to the extent that he could not stand. As a result he was evacuated from Gallipoli and hospitalised in Cairo. He died from pneumonia and meningitis although essentially he died from his wounds received at Gallipoli . Medallion claimed and issued 1967

Interestingly we owned the trio around 25 years ago and since then the Medallion has been reunited with it.



A rare early RAF medal set including both Indian GSM of the 20th Century and WW2 service. Both IGS are impressed as LAC RAF. The LSGC is named as Sgt RAF. A rare campaign combination which includes some of the early Desert and NW Frontier service.


ex Dr John Ross Collection.

A naval set including Africa General Service for Somaliland 1902-04.
1st medal as AB HMS Porpoise, trio as Leading Seaman RN and LSGC as Leading Seaman HMS Zealandia. Sold with a copy of his service papers confirming his service from 1892 as a Boy Seaman through to his transfer to the reserves in 1919. Served HMS New Zealand 1911.


ex Dr John Ross estate

A rare WW1 Memorial Plaque with scroll to a member of the Auckland Mounted Rifles killed in action in the middle east.

Correctly named ROWAN RYAN and together with scroll named TROOPER ROWAN RYAN AUCKLAND MOUNTED RIFLES NZEF.

Killed in Action at the battle of Bir el Abd, Sinai 9 August 1916

13/346 Trooper Rowan Ryan from Ngaruawahia was a veteran of Gallipoli and Palestine and was killed at just 21

ex Private Collection, Australia via Trade Me 2012



The impressive NZEF DCM and medals to Sergeant Vincent Raymond Davy of the New Zealand Field Artillery.

DCM GVR named 2-186A SJT: V.R.DAVY . 13/BY : 3/BDE : N.Z.F.A.
trio named 2/186A SJT V.R.DAVY N.Z.E.F.

Embarked with the Canterbury Mounted Rifles as a Trooper with the number 7/186. After service at Gallipoli he joined the NZ Field Artillery and served with them in France. He was wounded in the leg in September 1916 and later in the wrist in June 1917. He was discharged in 1918.

Distinguished Conduct Medal London Gazette 16 August 1917.

“For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He showed the greatest disregard of personal safety in tackling and extinguishing a fire, which had broken out in his gun pit, under heavy hostile shellfire. He had on a previous occasion shown great coolness in keeping his men in action through heavy shellfire”.


An important Meritorious Service Medal and trio to the Tunnelling Coy, Royal Engineers

1914-15 trio named 136058 SJT W.HOMER R.E.  (SPR on Star)
Meritorious Service Medal GVR named 136058 SAPR -A.SJT : W HOMER . 183/TLG : Coy R.E.

Any awards to Tunnelling Coy are rare - MSM being the standard decoration to this brave unit as MMs and DCMs don't technically meet the "in the face of the enemy" criteria



A Modern Set to the Grenadier Guards (Recce Platoon & Champ Skier)

An interesting Iraq medal group court mounted consisting of the Nato Medal with Non Article Five bar/UN Medal Op Althea bar and Iraq medal correctly named to 25142152 Gdsm T S............ Grenadier Guards.
S,,,,,,,,,,,served in the Recce Platoon and Manouvre Support Company.
Included with the group are copies of  Grenadier Gazette listing Si.......... A Grenadier Gazette from 2005 which has a picture of him in the battalion skiing team.
Original box of issue for the Op Althea medal and Iraq medal.
1st battalion Grenadier Guards served in Kosovo with Nato and UN 2004/5 and Iraq 2006.
S......... left the Army prior to Afghanistan deployments.

Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal

CAPT A Henderson MD NZMC

A nice medal to a Doctor. On a pin suggesting it may be full entitlment. RARE to New Zealanders.

Dr Albert Henderson JP, MB Mast. Surg. 1894, MD 1902, Univ. Aberdeen
Medal awarded 1922 (GO 52/1922)

Registered as Dr in NZ, 27 April 1908
Appt Public Vaccinator Te Awamutu 18 June 1908
1910 Resident Te Awamutu
Commissioned Capt, NZMC, 22 July 1910.
Appt JP 25 February 1914, Te Awamutu
Appointed Education Department, Medical Inspector of Schools, Hamilton
8 Dec 1919.
Retired, under the provisions of para 127, General Regulations 1913 on
5 April 1921 as Capt, NZMC.
1933 Resident 6 King's Avenue, Mount Eden, Auckland.
Died ~ 1947, Auckland.






NZ Volunteer Service Medal.

2nd type. around 636 awarded


a few scratches to reverse.



War Medal named 12/304 CPL J F (surname) NZEF  Plaque named JAMES FLYNN (surname). The plaque in a copper frame for display which can be easily removed and which is a recent addition.

"Corporal James Flynn B........, who was killed in action at the Dardanelles on May 17, was educated at the Terrace School and Technical College, Wellington. Before enlisting he was a sergeant in the 6th. Hauraki Regiment. Like other patriotic New Zealanders, Corporal Bradley closed his farm to enlist with the expeditionary forces. His younger brother, Frank, was previously reported wounded, but recovered, and is now back at the front." (Auckland Weekly News, 1 July 1915, p. 21)




Impressed 1889 TPR H M (surname)  IMP LT HORSE with clasps CC, Trans and SA01. Sold with copy papers and roll. Served 24 Nov 1900 to 8 October 1901.



1914-15 TRIOS

WW1 Medal trios (1914-15 Star, 1914-18 War Medal, Victory Medal)

1914-15 Star; British War Medal 1914-18; Victory Medal 1914-19; Defence Medal 1939-45; Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GVIR) Ind Imp.  

2030 Sjt J.(surname) K.O. Sco.Bord on first, second and third medals, William J.(surname) on last medal. Fourth medal unnamed.

2108 PTE S L L...................... RAMC
with original dog tag
Born 1890. Enlisted at Bury St Edmonds in Sept 1914 and was a lander at Gallipoli 25 April 1915 - very likely with the Lancashire Fusiliers (6 VCs before breakfast during the landings). He was present at Beach W, the actions on 24 June and 4 July near Kritha and Gully Ravine. He was also present at Suvla Bay Landings where he was killed in action 26 August 1915. The day before his death he was recommended for a mention in despatches and was described by his comrades as a "brave, fearless fellow". He is buried at Hill 10 Cemetery. His photo appears in De Ruvigny's Roll.


WW1 Medal pairs (1914-18 War Medal and Victory Medal)

401143 2 AMB W HOOTON R A F

58069 GNR W. H G .............NZEF together with un-named as issued WW2 NZ Home Service pair of medals.
Together with a small number of WW1 photos, WW1 postcards, WW1 discharge paper, WW2 NMR paybook and comprehensive WW2 photo album showing his service on Great Barrier Island as part of the National Military Reserve. WW1 service was on the Western Front and then as part of the Occupation of Germany. WW2 service entirely home based. From Frankton - Hamilton.
ex NZ Collector Services, Christchurch


30057 PTE A G M......... Gren Gds
Grenadier Guards

MID N J F C............ RNVR
Midshipman, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. With copy service history


1914-15 STAR

16355 PTE J W G........ LINC R
killed 22 Sept 1916 aged 40

1756 PTE W G C.......... THE QUEENS R

1914-18 WAR MEDAL

13466 PTE C D....... R WAR R
killed Tyne Cot, 6 Oct 1917

23579 PTE J R .........R FUS
Royal Fusliers



3/564 PTE J S BIRD NZEF in near perfect order and retaining almost all original gilt finish.

James Samuel Bird of the New Zealand Medical Corps was drowned then the Hospital Ship "Marquette" was torpedoed on 23 October 1915. His body was seemingly not recovered.

Sold with his original wallet and notebook with some detail as well as an original portrait photo and another possibly showing Bird or a brother (as they look very similar). Notebook contains Birds details but also information on attack plans etc and a rifle and bayonet number so this could perhaps belong to his brother as NZMC would not normally be issued with a rifle - and it is also presumed Birds personal effects would have gone down with the Marquette.

An important medal in NZ History and extremely rare.

The regiments tour of Afghanistan the subject of a documentary series - the DVD of which is included.


Baltic Medal officially impressed to him DANIEL (surname) AM HMS CORNWALLIS  Crimea Medal official impressed DANIEL (surname) AB HMS TRAFALGAR. His medals were awarded to him in New Zealand at the instigation of the then Premier in the late 1890s. Both medals are thus machine impressed - which is uncommon to the navy for Crimea and Baltic Medals - which were issued un-named.

One would presume that he lost his arm due to his naval service. He appears on Lord Ranfurlys Roll of Defenders of the Empire 1902 as a resident of Blenheim.




British Empire Medal EIIR Civil issue named CARL RUBENSTEIN (surname), 1914-18 War Medal impressed 3/3954 LIEUT C R (surname) NZEF and 1953 Coronation Medal (un-named as issued). Medals on an old mounting as worn. Together with a 1973 copied newspaper clipping about the recipient and his retirement. He was a dentist who served in WW1 based in the UK (so no Victory Medal entitlement). After the war he became involved in the North Shore Branch of the National Party - which he was a founder of. He distinguished himself in Art, Music and Photography and his name appears on the roll of those NZers who were awarded the Coronation Medal. As an artist he was a student of CF Goldie.

The BEM scarce to NZers.



The QSA engraved, the KSA impressed as is the LSGC. The Coronation Medal un-named as issued. Contained in an old fitted case. Surname is JONES